Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Houston Runoff Elections for Mayor and District A

Just wanted to let everyone know what I'm doing for the Houston runoff elections.  The two races I'm following are the mayoral race and the council member race for District A.

For mayor I'm voting for Anise Parker, pictured on the left.  I originally wanted Peter Brown for mayor, but he didn't make it into the runoff.  Now it is down to Annise Parker and Gene Locke.  After comparing the two, I've decided to go with Annise Parker because I feel that she will be much more fiscally conservative than Gene Locke.  Also, I feel Annise Parker will be more conservative overall when compared to Gene Locke who I think will spend like crazy.


When it comes down to city council, I used the same standards and I believe that Brenda Stardig (on the right) will do a fantastic job of being fiscally conservative and help transform District A into a better place.  Her competitor is Lane Lewis who really doesn't have near the amount of experience that Brenda Stardig has and I don't believe he'd be very conservative.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Here's a provactive cartoon, Suicide of the West

I thought this cartoon was really disturbing when I first saw it.  The way Western Civilization cripples itself with political correctness, progressivism, socialism, and other liberal ideas expose America to fatal attacks.  I think that as Americans we have to acknowledge that even though we have a free society with freedom of speech, there are ideologies out there that if left unchecked can destroy that freedom.  The great American experiment can be destroyed by radical Islam, communism, socialism, fascism, liberal progressivism (which really is just a front for socialism), and Black Liberation philosophy (like what Rev. Wright is always preaching).